Independent Music Artists & Marketing on the Internet

September 17, 2008

“Independent Music Artists & Marketing on the Internet

With the every approaching presence of digital communication, independent music artist are now finding it easier to work and succeed outside of the typical label relationship. The Internet can be a great tool for independent artist to promote and market their music, and basically get them noticed by the public digital sphere. Here we will explore examples of some bands and their on-line marketing tactics, and scratch the surface in terms of what the Internet has to offer independent music artists.

One article from examines bands and artists that made their music visions reality by reaching out to the public through use of the Internet. In this article, artist, Pat Green, who compares himself to the likes of Jimmy Puffet, expressed that when a record deal finally came along he had enough autonomy that he didn’t find the need for one anymore thanks to the use of the Internet. Another band by the name of “Trapt”, admitted to marketing themselves on-line for two-years before reaching the billboard charts. Trapt set up a website,  , where kids could look for bands and every night Chris (lead vocalist), would email back and forth with hundreds of kids from all over the world.  Trapt’s Internet campaign also included blasts to a weekly e-mail list of 10,000 fans, and hundreds of Webzine reviews and interviews.  Their savvy Internet campaign led them to winning a vote-for-your favourite-artist promotion on, a worldwide streaming of their single “Headstrong” on AOL radio, 300,000 downloads of Trapt’s Winamp “Skin”, and the creation of Internet fan “E Teams” who helped spread the word.  The full article at  provides a lot more detail and insight into Trapt’s and other bands successful Internet campaigns.

Another website that provides useful information for music artists looking for ways to promote and market themselves on-line is is an incredibly valuable website, covering such topics as advertising, publicity/promotion, distribution, merchandising, touring, creating a fan base, and much more.  On the site there are various video clippings of John Vanhala, who is the VP of New Media and Strategic Marketing for verve music group. Vanhala discusses everything from “Challenges in on-line Marketing” to “How to promote your career as an independent artist”.  In one video clip he recommends various dependable and practical digital distribution companies for artists to sell their music through.  He also discusses the various self-publish Internet opportunities that artists can take advantage of. He stresses the importance of Myspace, Blogs and Pod-casting among other on-line tools.  He also addresses the fact that there is a difference between good marketing and spam which can actually annoy fans and draw them away from you and your music, and that artist should be aware of this difference.  The full video clip and other clips can be viewed at In addition to being a very helpful website,, also has links to other useful related websites and articles. 

The research and findings suggest that the Internet serves as a great window of opportunity for independent music artists to market their music. Before artists engage in any Internet campaign or are considering the use of on-line marketing channels, it is recommended that research be done to see what other artists are doing, what professionals and experts in the field recommend, and to generally become more aware of the Internet and its possibilities. There are numerous Internet communication tools that artist can use in order capture their audience and get their message’s across, however, the use of these tools will mostly likely be the determent of success.











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